Release Info and Happy Holiday

Dear Friends,

Happy May 24th to all of you who are celebrating this wondering Bulgarian Holiday! If you are not familiar, on May 24th we honor the Bulgarian saints Cyril and Methodius, who created the Cyrillic Alphabet, and celebrate literacy, education, and culture.

I feel that this special day is a great occasion to announce the upcoming release of Children of the Silent Revolution online and on DVD.  We are working hard on revising the Viktori Pictures website and making the DVDs, including special features and exclusive content.  The plan is to have everything ready for the release during the week of June 17th. The movie will be available to stream by donation, to buy on DVD or as a download, and there will be convenient options to organize screenings in your own communities.

I often get asked if Children of the Silent Revolution can be on Netflix or a similar service.  Unfortunately, for a small independent project like mine, these services provide no real support with promoting and marketing the film and at the same time their contracts may limit my ability to make the film available in other ways.  This is why I have decided to continue on the self-distribution route and rely on the support of my most faithful audience – you!

I know this has been a long time coming and I’m excited to share that we are very close to completing this stage of the film distribution.  Until then, enjoy spring!