Children of the Silent Revolution follows the lives of a tight-knit group of classmates from Bulgaria over a period of two decades, spanning the transition from communism to democracy in their country.

The Children of the Silent Revolution Screening Kit is designed for sharing the film with your community, nonprofit, university students or library patrons. The package includes everything you need to show the film and lead a discussion about the issues raised in the film that matter to your organization. Purchase the screening kit now for your nonprofit, community organization, university or library.


The Children of the Silent Revolution Screening Kit is an easy-to-use resource that gives community organizers and educators all the tools for planning and promoting a screening, showing the film and leading a discussion about coming of age during a turbulent time, the choice of remaining in one’s country or immigrating, and the history of the transition from communism to capitalism.



  • DVD Disc – feature length movie, plus bonus features
  • Planning and discussion guide
  • 10 postcards and 3 posters
  • Appropriate license to exhibit the film

How to use the film

  • Show the film in the classroom and engage your students with an authentic personal look at the transition from communism to capitalism. You can show the entire documentary or individual chapters to illustrate points in your curriculum.
  • Add the film to your events calendar and invite the community to join the discussion.
  • Add the film to your library's collection and make it available to everyone with an interest in recent history, coming of age issues and the choices young people face during turbulent times.

Filmmaker in attendance

Children of the Silent Revolution took filmmaker Viktoria Ershova 10 years to make. She shot it in five different countries and has presented the film in person at numerous events and film festivals. The discussion and Q&A following the screenings are always lively and engaging, including stories of the making of the film, how it affected her life, what she learned and updates on the characters. Invite Viktoria to present the film at your special event or screening. Contact

How licensing works

The film is offered on a tiered licensing and pricing system to make it accessible to all types of organizations. You are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate license for your institution.


Your support is essential for allowing the filmmaker to continue distributing Children of the Silent Revolution independently. All purchases are reviewed to confirm correct licensing. If you have any questions, please see the Licensing FAQ

What Educators and Organizers Are Saying

"Children of the Silent Revolution should be a required viewing in the college and potentially even high school classes on contemporary documentary, auto-biographical, or ethnographic film; in classes on East European film, society, and history; and classes on contemporary migrations and hybrid identities, to mention only a few. The film gives multiple perspectives on Bulgarian and East European post-communist transition, combining a voice-over commentary providing a useful historical background with the words of Viktoria and her friends who talk about their lives and the private and social realms they have lived in during some twenty years."

~ Gordana P. Crnković
Professor of Slavic and Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media, University of Washington, Seattle
Author of Post-Yugoslav Literature and Film: Fires, Foundations, Flourishes

"Children of the Silent Revolution provides a unique resource for educators to share with students in courses on contemporary issues, immigration, environment, and political change. We often teach about such topics from a theoretical point of view without showing the connection to young people’s lives. This film makes that connection. Students anywhere in the world could relate to the idealism of the young people in the film and the realities they face as events unfold around them in their homeland and beyond."

~ Michele Aoki
International Education Administrator
Seattle Public Schools

"In June 2018, there were two screenings in Chicago, organized by the Bulgarian Cultural Center Magura. The auditoriums for both were full and the viewers participated with interest and curiosity in the discussions after the film. All of them were deeply moved by the authenticity and humanity of Children of the Silent Revolution. The movie prompted us to examine our realized plans and unfulfilled dreams, friendship and distance, the little ways in which we settle and the big compromises we make. Children of the Silent Revolution is a very genuine and deeply human story, which touched many viewers in Chicago. I strongly recommend it."

~ Vanya Kramer
Bulgarian Cultural Center Magura

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