New Website Launch

Dear Friends,

Happy summer solstice!  A new season is here and the new Viktori Pictures website is now live! I’m so excited to finally bring Children of the Silent Revolution to all of you.  As a newsletter subscriber, you are the first of my followers to receive this announcement!

On the updated site you can stream the movie on a donation basis, buy it as a download, and pre-order the DVD. The DVD itself will be ready to ship in about 10 days. There are still some final details to finish on it, as I’ve put together some fun special features.  Below is the cover design for it, being tested in an actual DVD case.

You may notice that the new website is only in English at this time.  We will have a proper Bulgarian translation of it as well. Like with everything on this project, it hasn’t been easy or quick finishing it all, but it will be done.  The movie itself is available both in the English and Bulgarian versions, so you have the option to watch either.

I will leave you with this for now.  Enjoy and please drop me a line and let me know what you think.