Viktoria Ershova was born and raised in Kazanlak, Bulgaria until she went to the United States at age 18. She earned a Bachelors degree in Communication from DePaul University in Chicago and a Masters degree in Film Production from Chapman University in Orange, California. She has produced and directed several short films, some of which have screened in numerous festivals in the United States. Children of the Silent Revolution is her debut feature film. Viktoria is based in Los Angeles, but regularly returns to Bulgaria and also enjoys traveling to other countries around the world.





Angel is the head of the small business department in one of the largest banks in Bulgaria. He lives in Sofia with his wife and three children. A successful executive, he is nonetheless dissatisfied with the status quo in Bulgaria and was an active participant in the 2013 protests.


Nikolina owns a consulting company, which specializes in EU funding consultancy for businesses in Bulgaria. Nikolina lives with her son in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. She has already achieved her material and career goals, but what she enjoys the most is spending time with her friends in the nature and challenging herself in adventures of all kinds.



Biliana went to study in the United States in 1997 and started her career at Enron after she graduated. She currently lives in New York City. She is a commodities research executive in the financial industry. She is also certified as a yoga teacher and practices Qi Gong. She has the lifestyle of a Wall Street executive, yet she realizes that her more spiritual pursuits are what gives meaning to her life.


Svetlana has been living in London since 2003 and works in a hospital as a physician and a clinical scientist. She also practices Tai Chi and enjoys gardening. Married and with a young daughter, Svetlana constantly strives for balance and questions how her actions affect others.



Filchev immigrated to Norway in 2002 and lives on the island of Stokmarknes, above the Arctic Circle, with his wife and two sons. He works as an engineer in a fish food factory. His life has all the comforts and security provided by a prosperous society, yet he is concerned about the future of his children in a world of conflict and violence.


Tanya is the only one who returned to the friends native town of Kazanlak after graduating from university. A single mother, she lived there with her son and worked in a company, which manufactures weapons. In 2011, she realized her dream of immigrating to Ireland.



Luki is a civil engineer and currently works for the Ministry of Environment. He has two children and lives in Sofia with his family. While he is disillusioned with the attitude of most people in Bulgaria, he admits to being different than everyone else. Still, through his travels abroad he realizes the value of doing the little things right and believes that real change begins from the individual.