Movies, Premieres, Receptions, oh My..

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The big news currently is that Children of the Silent Revolution is premiering in Los Angeles this coming Saturday, Dec. 17th at 7:30pm at the James Bridges Theater at UCLA.  Here is a video invite I created, with a little humor added from the original Kickstarter video for the project.

Come see the movie, if you are in Los Angeles! The premiere is presented by the Bulgarian Culture and Education Society “Pchela” and co-sponsored by the UCLA Department of Film and Television.  The evening includes a Q&A on the film and discussion on the transition in Bulgaria with myself and members of the team who helped make the movie.  There will also be a wine reception after the screening and Q&A.
For tickets and info, click here.  
Facebook event link

The video above is meant to make you laugh, but it is true that this project took a lot out of me in many ways.  It is extremely personal and for a long time I struggled with including my own story in the movie.  My friends from high-school, who are portrayed in the documentary, definitely encouraged me in that respect.  Well, the truth is that it was more like an ultimatum – some of them said there’s no way I’m making the film without being a part of it myself.  So I ended up telling the whole story from my perspective.  My main concern was to be truthful to their experiences and then to present my understanding and opinion on the transition in Bulgaria based on the research I did.  I hope that the result is at least entertaining and thought-provoking.  I look forward to seeing at the L.A. event or at future screenings!