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Upcoming Screenings of Children of the Silent Revolution

Dear friends,

I’m excited to share the news about the next screening of Children of the Silent Revolution in Los Angeles.  The event will be on May 11th at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills.

If you missed the Los Angeles premiere in December, now is your chance to see the movie on the big screen.  The evening will include a Q&A and an after-party.  So if you are in L.A., get your tickets now and please invite your friends and share the event on Facebook.

Future Screenings

Beyond this screening in Los Angeles, I am also working on organizing screenings in other cities across the United States. I am exploring the possibility of doing this through the Tugg theatrical self-distribution platform, which allows for a movie to play in a chosen theater only if a certain amount of tickets are sold in advance.  So if you are interested in having Children of the Silent Revolution play in a theater in your city and are able to provide support with the promotion or organization, please let me know.

DVDs for Kickstarter Backers

After the Los Angeles event, I will also be working on fulfilling the final rewards from the Kickstarter campaign for the movie.  These of course are the DVDs of the movie itself.  They will be limited edition DVDs available only to Kickstarter backers.  Many of you getting this newsletter were my Kickstarter supporters, so if your rewards included a DVD of the movie and if you’ve had a change of address since 2013, please be sure to update your information on the Kickstarter site.

Until the next time, enjoy spring!