More than a dozen organizations have screened Children of the Silent Revolution for their communities, providing audiences with an inspiring and thought-provoking experience. Check the SHARE THE FILM page for more information on how to organize a screening.


Children of the Silent Revolution took filmmaker Viktoria Ershova 10 years to make. She shot it in five different countries and has presented the film in person at numerous events and film festivals. The discussion and Q&A following the screenings are always lively and engaging. Viktoria’s stories include thought-provoking ideas about growing up between two worlds, both in terms of the transition between socio-economic systems in Bulgaria and her life in the U.S. vs. her native country. She shares why she made the film, how it affected her life, what she learned, and updates on the characters.

Viktoria can be booked for in-person screenings of Children of the Silent Revolution for a speaker fee, which includes the screening kit with appropriate license to show the film and travel expenses. Contact to inquire about inviting Viktoria to your screening, special event or conference.


Bulgarian Cultural Center Magura Screenings

DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Arlington Heights Library
Arlington Heights, IL

Hohm House Community Screening

Los Angeles, CA

Bulgarian Movie Circle Seattle Screening

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse
Seattle, WA

Bulgarian Educational and Cultural Foundation Vasil Levski

Community Screening
San Diego, CA

San Francisco Community Screenings

at Delancey Street Foundation Screening Room
San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles Special Screening

Fine Arts Theater
Los Angeles, CA

Global Peace Film Festival

Winter Park, FL

Buffao-Niagara Film Festival

Buffalo, NY

TAM Special Screening

Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Los Angeles Premiere

Presented by the Bulgarian Culture and Education Society Pchela
Co-sponsored by the UCLA Dept. of Film and TV
James Bridges Theater at UCLA Melnitz Hall
Los Angeles, CA

World Premiere

at the Sofia International Film Festival
Sofia, Bulgaria

Chudomir Foundation Special Screening

at the Chudomir Museum
Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Youth House/Kazanlak Municipality Screening

Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Series of screenings

as part of the New Bulgarian Documentary Cinema program
Kino Odeon
Sofia, Bulgaria

Regional Library Z. Knyazhevski and
Association for Arts and Culture Razlichniyat Pogled

Special Library Screening
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria



Contact the filmmaker now to learn more about booking her for your screening, special event or conference. E-mail


"Viktoria Ershova's film Children of the Silent Revolution premiered in San Francisco on 1/11/18, the date Bulgaria took over the Presidency of the European Union Council. I assisted with the organization, marketing and promotion of the film and was pleased of the turnout of more than 300 viewers in two days. Skillfully woven into a compelling narrative, the stories of the characters in the documentary created an emotional connection with the audience and translated into a powerful culmination at the end. Viktoria is a gifted storyteller, whose passion for the arts and dedication to perfection translate into her work, and leave the audiences wanting more every time."

~ Pavlina Yanakieva
Community leader and CEO, Aspire Digital Group

"In June 2018, there were two screenings in Chicago, organized by the Bulgarian Cultural Center Magura. The auditoriums for both were full and the viewers participated with interest and curiosity in the discussions after the film. All of them were deeply moved by the authenticity and humanity of Children of the Silent Revolution. The movie prompted us to examine our realized plans and unfulfilled dreams, friendship and distance, the little ways in which we settle and the big compromises we make. Children of the Silent Revolution is a very genuine and deeply human story, which touched many viewers in Chicago. I strongly recommend it."

~ Vanya Krame
Bulgarian Cultural Center Magura

"The Bulgarian Education and Culture Society Pchela presented the Los Angeles premiere of Children of the Silent Revolution. Seeing the parallels between now and then, here and there is inevitable while watching the film. It brought up questions and opened an interesting discussion during the Q&A with the crew and the director Viktoria Ershova. It will definitely make you think of the challenges the young generation is facing today in the U.S. and those that the young generation back in Bulgaria had to overcome almost three decades ago. Watch it with friends and have a discussion. It will make your experience complete. We truly enjoyed it."

~ Kalin Kroumov
Bulgarian Education and Culture Society Pchela

"I had the pleasure of leading the Q&A with director Viktoria Ershova at the Los Angeles premiere of Children of the Silent Revolution – a personal film that's both a story of a close group of friends and an individual view of recent Bulgarian history. I was pleasantly surprised at how the audience related the stories in the film to their own experiences and reality and created unexpected parallels. The film provoked a lively discussion and generated much food for thought in the viewers."

~ Vessie Kazachka
Bulgarian Education and Culture Society Pchela

"Watching the documentary Children of the Silent Revolution is an enticing experience. Some of the questions and answers might rush through your mind while watching... Do you remember the past? Do you associate yourself with someone from it? Do you miss those days? Do you want to learn more about what happened or someone you knew in another time, another world? The audiences at the screenings we hosted in Chicago and Arlington Heights connected deeply with all of these questions and were moved by the film to explore the answers for themselves. The events were very emotional and inspiring, including the wonderful Q&A sessions with the filmmaker after the film showings. This documentary will captivate you... it’s a must see!"

~Nadia Jeliazkova
Bulgarian Cultural Center Magura

"Children of the Silent Revolution documents the lives of a group of Bulgarian youth in the 1990s. As one of the participants in the story and someone who left her native country, the filmmaker examines the paths of her friends as a way of finding a deeper meaning for the societal changes that they experienced, raising questions on globalization, nationalism, identity, money, and politics. Because these questions are so universal and ever so pressing today, the audience at the screening in Seattle, which I moderated, felt closely engaged with their own understanding of these topics. I can strongly affirm that, regardless of our individual stories and relationship to Bulgaria, each of us felt connected to the storyline in a very intimate and profound way. I strongly recommend this film!"

~ Ana-Maria Georgieva
Bulgarian Community Organizer, Seattle

"Our Bulgarian Foundation Vasil Levski showed Viktoria Ershova’s documentary Children of the Silent Revolution to the community in San Diego. It was a very successful and emotionally stimulating event. The viewers saw their own lives in the stories of the characters and were inspired to reflect on their dreams, friendships, and the changes they have gone through. The comments and questions after the screening created a great dialogue, reflecting the spirit of the film and the meaningful personal and political issues that it raises. I highly recommend this documentary because of the thought- provoking material and the essential message of perseverance in the face of drastic life changing events."

~ Dessi Dinov
Vasil Levski Foundation 

"Children of the Silent Revolution is an important and relevant must-see film for any generation. I think about this film often as I make life decisions; contemplating the power of personal desire and the very real confrontation of societal discord. Hosting the film in our community was an inspiring opportunity. The intimate Q & A afterward brought insightful dialogue and empowering communal-minded connections. Highly recommended as a positive influence towards the individual and community spirit."

~ Bridey Phillips
Hohm House Community Organizer